Your business partner


Our firm offers a comprehensive range of services, including advice, assistance and representation, in the fields of prevention, handling of business difficulties and transfers.

  • We provide restructuring services to companies and groups of companies facing structural, commercial or financial difficulties, or interested in companies in difficulty;
  • The team operates at three levels: outside preventive or collective proceedings, within the framework of preventive proceedings and collective proceedings.

Our firm not only assists business owners, creditors, debtors and buyers, but has also been a partner of court-appointed agents and administrators for many years.

We support our customers (debtors, shareholders, creditors, contractual partners) at all stages of insolvency proceedings and in difficulties relating to directors’ liability, surety bonds, commercial contracts and debt collection.

The firm has leading expertise in restructuring litigation.

He regularly defends shareholders and executives in litigation involving the extension of proceedings or liability, as well as in industrial tribunal cases involving alleged co-employment.

Gomond Avocats d’Affaires also assists its takeover clients in preparing and presenting takeover bids to the Commercial Court.

Our expertise in insolvency litigation and the cross-disciplinary skills of our teams enable us to develop the most appropriate strategies for the situations concerned and, when necessary, to implement sophisticated corporate solutions.

GAA also provides solutions for the sale, acquisition or takeover of companies in turnaround situations, as part of out-of-court or court-ordered insolvency proceedings.

Our cross-disciplinary skills enable us to support our clients at every stage of corporate restructuring, rescue operations and related litigation.

In particular, we are involved in :

Preventive procedures

  • Ad hoc mandate
  • Conciliation

Collective proceedings

  • Backup, Accelerated Backup,
  • Bankruptcy
  • Court-ordered liquidation
  • Statement of claim,
  • Appointment of controllers,

Company takeovers at the bar of Commercial and Magistrates’ Courts

  • Audits
  • Follow-up of the tendering process
  • Legal structuring of takeover operations
  • Preparation of a pre-packaged sale, preparation and presentation of a takeover offer
  • Follow-up and implementation of the disposal plan

Directors’ liability

  • Assistance in defending directors in sanction proceedings (payment of liabilities, management ban, personal bankruptcy, bankruptcy).
  • Defending management in the implementation of surety undertakings

Appeals against decisions made in the course of proceedings, by the debtor, disgruntled creditors, employee representatives, etc.