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The Real Estate & Construction department provides both advisory and litigation support to owners, developers, insurance companies, construction firms, design offices / prime contractors / engineers, insurance companies, banking and financial institutions, property companies and management companies.

We are particularly involved in the following operations:

  • Preventive injunction and neighborhood law.
  • Assistance and representation in preventive and contentious expert appraisals
  • Private procurement law
  • Assistance in setting up payment guarantees due to contractors in works contracts, and bonds to replace retention deposits.
  • Subcontracting law (contract drafting, direct action, direct payment, subcontractor payment guarantees).
  • Assistance with the financial settlement of the construction project (breakdown of works, penalties, implementation of financial guarantees in favor of contractors or the project owner).
  • Liability of those involved in the building process (assistance with the implementation of decennial and biennial liability, perfect completion guarantee, common law liability of builders, management of claims during construction).
  • Construction insurance (damage insurance, TRC, compulsory ten-year liability insurance for building owners, optional insurance and insurance for other parties involved in the building process).
  • Real estate development – Sale before completion – Sale of a building to be renovated – Contract for the construction of a single-family home.
  • Financial completion guarantee and delivery guarantee.
  • Assistance with the formation, execution, renewal and termination of civil leases (residential, furnished, professional, etc.), commercial leases, future completion leases and rural leases.
  • Assistance with procedures for setting the price of renewed and revised leases and eviction compensation.
  • Co-ownership law, Associations Foncières Urbaines Libres (AFUL) and Associations Syndicales Libres (ASL).